Check the links bellow to know more about my topics of research

Main subjects of interest

  • Origins of Life and Agency: protocellular organization, minimal agency, autopoiesis, basic autonomy, self-organization, etc. [more »]
  • Enactive cognitive science: the notion of mental life, habits and the definition of a cognitive subject. [more »]
  • Artificial life, simulation models of adaptive behaviour, learning and habit formation in evolutionary robotics and models of metabolism and behaviour in protocells (with Matthew Egbert). [more »]
  • Epistemology of simulation models in scientific research, how  they are used as conceptual blenders, opaque thought experiments and tools for complex thinking. [more »]
  • Technopolitical autonomy, knowledege commons and hacktivism: I have recently retaken academic involvement on the possibilities that new (and old) forms of technologically mediated participation open for a more democratic, sustainable and equal society. [more »]

Secondary subjects of interest

  • Naturalized Epistemology: More specifically biological-organizational naturalization of normativity and identity/subjectivity formation.
  • Complexity and Network theory.
  • History of Cybernetics.

You can find more details on my complete list of publications.