Modeling sensorimotor habits with neuro-robotics [Poster]

Together with Ezequiel Di Paolo I presented this poster at ESCOP2011, we present some old and new preliminary results on evolutionary robotics to ground a richer notion of habit than the one currently used in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Click on the image below to download a PDF version of the poster.

Metastable dynamical regimes in oscillatory networks and sensorimotor loop

Santos, B., Barandiaran, X.E. & Husbands, P. (2011) Metastable dynamical regimes in oscillatory network modulated by an agent’s sensorimotor loop. Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence 2011, Accepted.

New paper in collaboration with my PhD student Bruno Santos, the paper is based on a simulation of Evolutionary Robotics where the controller is a Kuromoto network of oscillators, metastable dynamic regimes of phase relation (phase locking and phase scattering) are analyzed in continuous recurrent interaction between the agent and its environment.

Homeostatic Plasticity in Robots

I am presenting this poster at the CogSys2010 Conference in Zurich. The poster shows some results of a simulation model I developed long ago (almost 5 years ago!) on a reinforcement learning task with evolutionary robotics, using homeostatic plasticity on the CTRNN controllers. I am currently writing a paper with Ezequiel Di Paolo on the details of the simulation model. The agents are capable to display a developmental process (connection weights are initialized at value 0), to solve an operant conditioning task and display the spontaneous formation of habits.

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