Postdoc at CREA – CNRS / Polytechnique and ISC-PIF, in Paris

Already integrated in my new working environment: Paris! I have my base camp at CREA (Centre de Recherche en Épistémologie Appliquée), an interdisciplinary research center that is part of École Polytechnique and the CNRS, but I will also participate and collaborate at the Complex Systems Institute (ISC-PIF). I am already co-organizing the Theoretical Biology Seminars – Séminaire de Biologie Théorique, and I hope to start collaborating on cognitive science research soon.

Post-Doc at the University of Sussex

I recently got a postdoc grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to work at the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics, at the University of Sussex. Check out my Postdoc project: «Artificial Mental Life. A study of Brain­-Body­-World integration through neurocognitive robotics«.


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